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What’s Blooming at TranquiliT.com

Here’s a peek at our 8 new designs featured in yesterday’s live video.

Versatile Vest

2in1 Leotard

Mini Mesh Skirt

2in1 Midi

Tres Tunic

Féministe Tee

2in1 Gloria

Live Rosé Tee

Available at TranquiliT.com in March. Hope you love the new locally-sewn, vegan, eco-friendly, and versatile collection! Isn’t ballet beautiful?! Share your favorite looks using #TranquiliTstyle. Bisous. x

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TranquiliT Spring {Live Today}

Tune in HERE today at 3pm ET for a sneak peek at this season’s TranquiliT collection. Above and below is a pre-sneak peek at our two graphic tees. Like? Hope you LOVE! Plus our entire spring palette. Yep, 16 colors!

I’m off to Costa Rica tomorrow to host the annual Tranquility in the Tropics and will be sure to share videos and photos while away! Tami, @mindfulteaqueen, has requested a packing for warm weather video, so stay tuned for this one, too.

Oh, and Year of Tranquility is now available on Kindle!

Look forward to seeing you later today and happy, happy holiday weekend. Bisous. x

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Meet Ballet: TranquiliT Spring

TranquiliT is a seasonless fashion line that can be worn year-round in all climates by adding or subtracting layers. It’s great for ballet and yoga, travel, the beach, office, and special events.

I’ve found that dressing in the monochromatic layers of a capsule wardrobe makes my mornings {and travel} simple. All black. Add pops of flair with shoes, coats, and red lips. Voilà, shifting seasons made easy!

Meet TranquiliT’s new color appropriately named ballet. She’ll join the 15 other colors currently available including our peach which just happens to be the Pantone color of the year!

For over 15 years, each spring and fall we release a few new designs and colors. The process from conception to launch takes a few months and begins by reviewing what’s trending that season, what clients are asking for, and what I’m wanting added to my closet.

Next, I work with my local seamstress to create samples based on current patterns and my fabric supplier to a choose new color to complement the current palette.

After a bit of back and forth with my seamstress—”taper this,” “shorten that,” “more flare here”—we’re ready for the photo shoot. Friday is our spring shoot and at 3pm ET we’re hosting a sneak peek of the new designs HERE

If you’d like to receive 20% off year-round, learn more about joining the TranquiliT Tribe.

Hope to see you on Friday and thanks SO much for your support since we launched with tees in 2002! Bisous. x

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TranquiliT in Paris + Tranquil Travel

Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years. There’s no how-to road map to style. It’s about self expression and, above all, attitude.—Iris Apfel

When it comes to every day style, I’m all about ease. And layers. And then maybe even more layers. Ideally there’s not too much decision making (hence the “uniform“) and no season specific items beyond outwear, shoes, and accessories.

Above you’ll find how the items in the suitcase below got me through six days in Paris with varied looks and, yes, I wore the 2in1 and capri legging EVERY DAY with layers. I had a pair of faux leather leggings over my capris and planned to take them off, but it was too darn chilly.

The TranquiliT pieces featured are 2in1 fitted, capri legging, mesh skirt, message tee, long sleeve wrap tunic, and duster.

Also, if you need a packing checklist to prepare yourself for an upcoming holiday trip, here’s one I created to help. Pack those accoutrements that keep you comfortable and feeling good. Being out of our routine and environment can lead to additional stressors, so it’s helpful to pack lightly, carry creature comforts, and feel your best.

I’ve found that another key to tranquil travel is layers, rolled clothing, staples, and a rollerboard suitcase that fits in the overhead. Many staples come with me in my carry-on—pain reliever, earplugs, headphones, healthy snacks like nuts, meds, lavender oil, journal, pen, books, laptop. Here’s an earlier blog post on packing for 10 days in Paris.

On the plane home I watched the documentary The Gospel According to Andre Leon Tally. He’s ALL about self-expression (as noted in the Iris quote above). What would it look like if we only wore clothing that fully expressed who we are and felt really good to be in? Let’s channel our own inner Andre! Bisous. x

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Packing for Paris

Paris is always a good idea.—Audrey Hepburn

Nine years ago I spent two weeks in Paris during another dark, drizzly November. That jaunt marked my first time to the City of Light since a backpacking trip post-college 14 years earlier.

Immediately mesmerized, I vowed to return again and again. I’d found a place where my soul came alive.

Tonight I’m heading back to Paris.

Why? Because I found a $450 ticket (nearly a $1,000 savings) and I desperately need to nurture my creative spark and this city fuels it.

I’m eager to retreat to sidewalk cafes with a pot of thé vert à la menthe, a journal, and pens. Basically, it’s one BIG Artist Date. With limited plans beyond a few meetups, I simply plan to write, dream, write.

Oh, and soak in the clawfoot tub I scored in my $100/night AirBnB.

You provided such thoughtful ideas in last week’s survey and I look forward to creating something that will bring meaning and delight. Pondering that while being a flâneur is definitely on my to-do list.

As Thomas Jefferson so beautifully said, “A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of life.”

Yesterday I began packing and snapped the photo below. Sharing what’s inside has become tradition (here’s my summer Bon Voyage Facebook Live video where I gave a peek, a scarf-tying lesson, and an itemized list).

Although I tend to overpack (considering I wear the same thing over and over AND there’s usually a washing machine in the rented apartments), I like to show that we really don’t need much for one to six weeks in France—especially when packing TranquiliT.

While on these solo jaunts, I feel like I’m bringing you, dear readers, along on the journey. Truly. I dream up ways to serve you and enjoy sharing the experience while away. During that November 2009 trip mentioned above, I was in the midst of designing a new blog look and setting up 2010’s guest bloggers while wandering the city.

Look for inspiring photos over on Instagram and here, plus I hope to do a live event or two. Stay tuned!

I return on Thanksgiving with plans to spend it in the woods with my petite famille while hovered around a fire and wish each of you a beautiful launch into the holidays.

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Bisous. x

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A Peek into the Brunch at TranquiliT Trunk Show

Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years. There’s no how-to road map to style. It’s about self expression and, above all, attitude.—Iris Apfel

Above are shots from Saturday’s Brunch at TranquiliT Trunk Show held in my new office. In a way, this event was an Open House, Trunk Show, and Pigs & Pugs Project fundraiser all in one!

When I began announcing it as such, Tim was like “choose one!” similar to his response to my tendency to over-accessorize. So, of course, I chose all three and only announced it as one.

Shortly after noon, we welcomed longtime and new friends into the space to nosh on homemade vegan blueberry muffins and pumpkin scones, sip mimosas, and shop TranquiliT’s fall collection.

In the process, we raised $2200 for Pigs & Pugs Project (fundraiser), I was able to share my space with others (Open House), and we hosted the first TranquiliT event in a few years (trunk show).

Before our guests arrived, I shot a brief 3-minute Facebook Live to show off the sweet pop-up boutique we’d created.

The icing on the cake was having such great help! Thursday through Sunday Tim helped me haul everything to and from the office. On Friday Carol spent the afternoon helping me tag and hang the clothing plus label all the cute chalkboards while we listened to Nina Simone. On Saturday Joanna, Patricia, Carol, and our seamstress Renee helped answer questions, alter clothing, ring people up, and were such gracious hosts.

Whew, it takes a village!

A BIG thank you to everyone who came out to the event. Your support benefits pig sanctuaries and pug rescues, our local seamstress, and this small, artisanal pet project I’ve had since 2002.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Bisous. x

Save the Date: TranquiliT Trunk Show

I’m delighted to announce that we’ll be offering a fall sustainable shopping event: TranquiliT Trunk Show to benefit Pigs & Pugs Project on Saturday, September 29, 12:30 – 2:30 pm in Washington, DC near Dupont Circle.

Shop an assortment of locally-sewn, seasonless, vegan, eco-friendly TranquiliT items. All purchases will be placed inside a darling Pigs & Pugs Project reusable tote. Our first 15 guests will receive a complimentary, tranquility-filled goody bag.

Here’s the skinny:

* Choose an off-the-rack selection or place a custom order. Our lovely local seamstress will be available to help with tailoring, measuring, and fitting.

* Select limited edition colors will be 25% off; bring a friend and you both save 10% off your entire purchase.

* Enjoy light vegan hors d’oeuvres, organic tea, and community.

Savor tranquility in our designer’s new office setting—a home for therapy, mentoring, workshops, and creative gatherings.

RSVP to receive directions and more details. We can’t wait to host you! Thanks for shopping local and supporting sustainable, slow fashion. Bisous. x

P.S. Live too far from DC? Never fear, we’ll offer a brief live component, too, so stay tuned for the scoop.

Wardrobe Confessional

Wearing a uniform is iconic, a cheap and easy way to feel famous.—Alice Gregory

After slipping out of the 2in1 fitted top that I wore the day before (and slept in—don’t judge, it’s comfy!), each morning I reach for another 2in1 fitted top from my second drawer. I must have eight or so of these tops and I wear one at least 300 days of the year.

My pants of choice are the capri leggings. Again, I must have eight or so of these bottoms.

I wear this basic outfit to ballet, to walk the dogs, to the Kennedy Center, to the office, to Paris cafes (see above photo), and everywhere in between.

You may wonder, “The Kennedy Center, really?!” Yes, really! Here’s a peek at many ways to layer the two pieces for 18 looks. Dresses up or down. Comfy, chic, easy peasy.

During cooler months I’m able to pull this combo off more easily by wearing tall boots over the capris and layering with a long sleeve wrap tunic or duster. And, yes, I sleep in the capris, too, during winter. What can I say, I LOVE layers!

During warmer months, I’ll pair the combo with ballet flats, clogs, or motorcycle boots (see above photo). To incorporate the leggings into the office during summertime, I’ll add a flowy top over the 2in1 fitted plus a few accessories to dress it up.

For me, having a uniform means I no longer experience the “I have nothing to wear” syndrome, reduces decision making fatigue, avoid buying frivolously, feel put together, have more time, and have a simple signature look.

Who said daily dress-up had to be hard? And, I even have built in pajamas! Bisous. x

Hello TranquiliT Spring

Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.—Anna Wintour

Since 2004, each spring and fall I release a few new designs and colors in the TranquiliT collection—a locally-sewn clothing line made to order using luxurious organic eco-friendly fabrics.

The process from conception to launch takes a few months. It begins with reviewing what’s trending that season, what clients are asking for (hello, duster), and what I’m wanting added to my closet (hello, ballet wrap).

Next I work with my local seamstress to create samples based on current patterns (ex. the new tulip top is the 2in1 fitted top with tulip sleeves) and my fabric supplier to choose new colors to complement the current palette.

After a bit of back and forth with my seamstress—”taper this,” “shorten that,” “more flare here”—we’re ready for the photo shoot.

For three hours we turn the Pink Palace into a photography studio (see behind the scenes pics here) and, voilà, the collection is ready!

This season’s collection is now available at TranquiliT.com featuring five new designs {tulip top, ballet wrap, compassion tee, duster, jumpsuit} and two new colors {emerald and eclipse}.

THIS Sunday at noon ET I’ll be hosting a brief show and tell of the spring collection on Facebook Live and you’re invited! Learn what’s trending this season {hello, lilac}, see our new pieces, and favorite ways to wear your TranquiliT staples.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend filled with bird chirps, pink blooms, and yellow daffodils. Bisous. x

TranquiliT Spring Sneak Peek {+ 24-hr sale}