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The Next Phase for TranquiliT

Over the past many months I’ve been mentioning a change for my locally-sewn, eco-friendly clothing line TranquiliT. I’m excited to share that it will be moving over to Tranquility du Jour this fall!

Never fear, our seasonless sustainable style isn’t going anywhere. We’re simply migrating the website here and I’m doing a lot of streamlining to the line.⁣

Since selling my yoga studio Tranquil Space, I’ve been paring down and simplifying in earnest. You may have noticed the evolution of Tranquility du Jour over the years and the thread —tranquility — will now be woven through my clothing line in a new way. ⁣

I’m delighted to announce that TranquiliT will soon be TDJ by Kimberly.✨

Creativity remains an inherent part of TDJ by Kimberly: From the beautiful touches on the hem of a garment, to the harmony of layering pieces in a uniquely you way, to the intention of cruelty-free, chic, and cozy choices. ⁣

💗Style your tranquility, every day.⁣💗

Thank you all for your incredible support over the past 18 years. I’m excited to share our latest looks with you here starting next month! x⁣

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Signature Style Tips Video

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. —Rachel Zoe

Enjoy this light-hearted 30-minute gathering over a virtual cuppa tea.

Learn tips for expressing your signature style (yes, even if you WFH), how to get camera-ready, and ways to be effortlessly chic in a few favorite staples.

Download your 21 Ways to Wear my “uniform” PDF

Hear from these special guests:


Cruelty-free cosmetics for camera mentioned:

Supergoop CC cream
Aesthetica waterproof eyeliner
Wet n wild max volume mascara
NYX green finishing powder
Stila Besos lipstick

Thanks for virtually brunching with me and wishing you a signature style that is uniquely you. Bisous. x

Home Practice Essentials

If you’re doing a lot of online classes these days, you may wonder how to set your space up for optimal tranquility. I have a few tips, especially for those of you in tight quarters.

Create a sacred setting with a few favorite things, similar to what I recommend for TDJ Live events and virtual retreats. Think candles, twinkle lights, flowers, plants, crystals, lavender oil, libations, cozy textures—whatever feels good. None of these take up much space and set a nice tone.

Here’s a peek at my ballet and yoga set up in a tiny space. I push my sette toward the dining room table and create my own little studio for daily practice.

For yoga, I roll out a pink or leopard-print yoga mat, have a cork block, damask meditation cushion, and eye pillow nearby and wear my signature 2in1 fitted and capri leggings in black. For ballet, same outfit and substitute the other items for a chair or ballet barre.

Barbara, who’s been donning TranquiliT since 2007 and was a guest on our recent TDJ Brunch, radiates natural tranquility and elegance in her au naturel (undyed organic bamboo) pieces.

Here she is in her home yoga studio wearing the 2in1 fitted and palazzo pants—perfect for her Kundalini practice.

Barbara writes, “In addition to a steady commitment to slow, local, bespoke eco-fashion (everything in my closet is TranquiliT), I also believe in supporting small, women owned business. Need some ideas to elevate your own home practice? Look no further.”

Here are a few of her favorite home practice essentials (shown above):

TranquiliT (2in1 fitted and palazzo pants)
Meditation Pillows by Mama Wilson
Unscented Candles crafted by Jenny Krahn
Rug and Mala handmade in Mysore and imported by Bristol Marriot

Since we now have access to so many amazing teachers and classes online (I take daily ballet classes with Ballet Academy East in NYC), let’s turn these practices into sensory experiences to nourish our mind, body, and soul. Bisous. x

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TDJ Brunch Registration + Resources

Enjoy a light-hearted gathering over a virtual cuppa tea on Saturday, July 11 from noon-1pm ET.

Learn tips for finding doses of tranquility in the every day and ideas on expressing your signature style (yes, even if you WFH).

For the style section, I’ll be joined by a few special guests!


Closed; live event is over. Replay below.


Video replay
Everyday Tranquility starts at minute
Yoga + Mediation starts at minute 27
Style starts at minute


Download your event worksheet PDF

Download your Everyday Tranquility PDF

Download the TDJ Tenets PDF

Download your 21 Ways to Wear my “uniform” PDF

Shop locally-sewn, eco-friendly TranquiliT at 20% off (use code TDJBRUNCH valid until 7/13)

Join us for the Mid-Year Virtual Retreat

Journaling prompts:

  1. How can I infuse more tranquility into my every day?
  2. What is my signature style?
  3. What pieces would work for my capsule wardrobe?

Cruelty-free cosmetics for camera mentioned:

Supergoop CC cream
Aesthetica waterproof eyeliner
Wet n wild max volume mascara
NYX green finishing powder
Stila Besos lipstick

Special guests:


PS Here’s a peek at previous TDJ Brunches

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Personal Style

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. —Rachel Zoe

In preparation for Saturday’s TDJ Virtual Brunch with a Side of TranquiliT, I’ll be sharing tips related to the Style Tenet. This week’s podcast ties into that topic, too, if we consider how our personal brand is the sum of what we do, how we do it, and why.

When watching Hamilton this weekend, the idea of legacy and how we use it kept popping into my head. Again, I see personal brand as our style. And our form of expression. And our legacy.

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, famously said, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

How would you describe your personal brand? Think of it as your “secret sauce.” You know, that thing that makes you YOU!

Here are a few ways to help craft it, in no particular order:

1. Build a platform through your online and/or community presence. This is your own personal stage that you share with the world.

2. Highlight your unique strengths, interests, and quirks (hello, Pigs & Pugs).

3. Share yourself through teaching, consulting, writing, and speaking.

4. Consider what success will look like for you in 1, 5, 10 years.

5. Be consistent in your messaging while also giving yourself grace as you evolve and grow.

6. Create community by hosting in-person and online meetups, creating a book club or movie club, setting up an anti-racist group—anything that will bring like-hearted people together.

7. Evoke emotion and create an experience. For example, Pigs & Pugs shares the stories of the animals who receive our micro-grants and at my former yoga studio, we served tea and cookies at the end of each class.

Consider your own personal brand and style. How would you describe it? How would you like it to be described? Here’s a previous signature style post you may enjoy.

Oh, and another blog post on daily dress-up plus these Tranquility du Jour style podcasts: #289, #310, #338, #351, #366, and #414. Bisous. x

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Daily Dress-Up Made Easy

Over the next two weeks we’re exploring the eight daily Tranquility Tools on Facebook and Instagram, so I wanted to give insight into the second one, daily dress-up.

This Washington Post article came out at the start of quarantine and describes how our clothes tell a story. Robin Givhan writes, “Fashion is a form of communication that is both intimate and aloof. Without ever uttering a word, you stand behind your message because you are, in fact, wearing it. Clothing is an eloquent form of communication for the inarticulate.”

It may feel unnecessary to dress-up if you’re not seeing anyone and spend your days chasing after a wayward toddler or sitting in front of a computer job searching, but there’s something about getting out of those pajamas that signifies a start to the day.

Givhan noted, “. . . going through an entire day in loungewear, it is easy to lose yourself and your sense of purpose and focus. Our clothes create boundaries. They mark time.”

Many of us have lost our commute and need to don a blazer (or whatever may be typical in your line of work). Both denote the transition to a different identity—our professional hat. Now our days and roles may feel blurred. There’s no demarcation of “Off to work!” or “I’m home and ready for leisure,” so we have to create it on our own.

I’m not sure when I started wearing the 2in1 fitted top and capri leggings year-round (basically loungewear, don’t tell Givhan), but it’s been a few years and having this “uniform” has saved me countless hours pondering what to wear and what to pack. Oh the drama!

Using these two pieces as my base, I can create looks for a variety of activities—pig petting, monument viewing, yoga teaching, cafe sitting, pug walking, balleting, and note taking.

Add-ons include a blazer for a more professional vibe, the long sleeve wrap tunic for a comforting layer that swaddles my body, or I’ll slip a vintage skirt over the ensemble. Here are 21 looks.

While you may not feel inspired to dress up these days, I get it, and that’s where a uniform makes it easy peasy. I’ll see clients (virtually, of course), take a ballet class, handle things around the house, jump on a Zoom meeting, and sit fireside to binge Mrs. America—all without changing.

Sure I’ll add a neck scarf, red lips, and eye makeup for videos, but otherwise I’m all set. Every. Day.

What would make your dress-up easier during these times? What’s the story you’re telling even with no audience? Bisous. x

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Every Day is Earth Day

TranquiliT is more than an eco-friendly clothing company.

We are a small, socially conscious business that strives to make the world a better place by:

  1. Making versatile designs in eco-friendly fabrics—organic bamboo and organic cotton.
  2. Sewing locally in small batches.
  3. Donating a percentage of proceeds to Pigs & Pugs Project.
  4. Planting 150 trees monthly.
  5. Designing an 11-piece capsule wardrobe to help make getting ready easy.

Coming: Dog chew toys from scrap fabric.
Package wraps using scrap fabric.

Wishing you a beautiful Earth Day.🌏 Thanks for your support! x

Face Masks by Mama Wilson

Considering the updated recommendation from the CDC to wear face masks in public, I asked Mom to make me a leopard-print one (shown in photo).

She’s also making damask ones and each comes with a muslin backing (shown below).

We’re offering these on TranquiliT in case you’re interested in a triple-layered, one-of-a-kind face mask that supports an Oklahoma seamstress and Pigs & Pugs Project.

Let’s stay safe (in style). Bisous. x

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Your Vote Matters/Giveaway

Happy rainy Thursday from DC! Thanks SO much for all of your input on the writing project I’m working on. Your emails and comments have meant SO much as your opinion means the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

In other news, I’ve alluded to some changes coming down the pike with my locally-sewn, eco-friendly clothing line, TranquiliT. One part it is a new look and I’d LOVE your feedback on this project, too!

1. Which of the top logos do you like? See above, #1-5

2. Which of the script fonts do you like best? See below, #1-3

Also, as a token of appreciation, one lucky responder will win a leopard-print scarf.

To enter to win, please share your vote for the logo and script number the comments below or send me an email by Sunday, February 9 at 11:59 pm ET. The winner will be announced here and on Instagram Monday.

Thanks HEAPS for your input! Your feedback means the world. Bisous. x

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