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Are you a long-time TranquiliT fashionista or a newcomer who has just recently discovered the beauty of our organic bamboo clothing? With TranquiliT’s Affiliate Program you can spread the word about living green and earn money to support your eco-fashion habit in the process!

TranquiliT is an eco-luxe lifestyle brand of versatile deigns that work on the yoga mat and transition to everyday life. TranquiliT’s commitment to sustainable materials, giving back, and local production make our company a leader in eco-fashion.

Becoming a TranquiliT Affiliate is an easy and rewarding experience that takes little time to set up, and it’s free! All you need is a website or blog plus ten minutes to fill out our questionnaire to apply to become a TranquiliT Affiliate.

{5 simple steps to becoming an affiliate}

1) Click on the “TranquiliT Affiliate Questionnaire” button below to begin the registration process.
2) Share your name and contact info, website or blog address, and desired login and password.
3) Allow 3-5 business days for a TranquiliT concierge to contact you.
4) Choose your favorite TranquiliT banner to place on your website (see sample banners below).
5) Once approved, start earning 10% commission on all sales referred from your website or blog.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why become a TranquiliT Affiliate?

Becoming a TranquiliT Affiliate is an easy and effective way to share the value of eco-fashion and green living with people who visit your website or blog. Becoming a TranquiliT Affiliate allows you to be rewarded for your support on every sale that is directed from your website or blog.

Who is eligible to become a TranquiliT Affiliate?

Anyone passionate about eco-fashion, green living, do-gooding, or yoga! You need to have a blog or website to post the marketing materials and a PayPal account to receive your commission payments.

How does the Affiliate Program work?

After filling out the TranquiliT Affiliate Questionnaire and receiving confirmation from TranquiliT headquarters, you will pick your favorite TranquiliT banner and place it on your website or blog. Each time a visitor to your website clicks on the banner, they are referred to TranquiliT.com. When these visitors place an order on our website, TranquiliT is notified and calculates your 10% commission based on these sales. For every $50 commission made, payment will be sent to you via PayPal.

How long does it take to become a TranquiliT Affiliate?

After submitting the Affiliate Questionnaire, a TranquiliT concierge will contact you within 3-5 business days to discuss your request. After you have been approved, you can have a TranquiliT banner displayed on your website or blog that very day.

What marketing materials are available for me to choose from?

TranquiliT offers a variety of banners to suit the needs of any website. Below are a few examples of the tranquility-inducing banners we offer.