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Daily Dress-Up Made Easy

Over the next two weeks we’re exploring the eight daily Tranquility Tools on Facebook and Instagram, so I wanted to give insight into the second one, daily dress-up.

This Washington Post article came out at the start of quarantine and describes how our clothes tell a story. Robin Givhan writes, “Fashion is a form of communication that is both intimate and aloof. Without ever uttering a word, you stand behind your message because you are, in fact, wearing it. Clothing is an eloquent form of communication for the inarticulate.”

It may feel unnecessary to dress-up if you’re not seeing anyone and spend your days chasing after a wayward toddler or sitting in front of a computer job searching, but there’s something about getting out of those pajamas that signifies a start to the day.

Givhan noted, “. . . going through an entire day in loungewear, it is easy to lose yourself and your sense of purpose and focus. Our clothes create boundaries. They mark time.”

Many of us have lost our commute and need to don a blazer (or whatever may be typical in your line of work). Both denote the transition to a different identity—our professional hat. Now our days and roles may feel blurred. There’s no demarcation of “Off to work!” or “I’m home and ready for leisure,” so we have to create it on our own.

I’m not sure when I started wearing the 2in1 fitted top and capri leggings year-round (basically loungewear, don’t tell Givhan), but it’s been a few years and having this “uniform” has saved me countless hours pondering what to wear and what to pack. Oh the drama!

Using these two pieces as my base, I can create looks for a variety of activities—pig petting, monument viewing, yoga teaching, cafe sitting, pug walking, balleting, and note taking.

Add-ons include a blazer for a more professional vibe, the long sleeve wrap tunic for a comforting layer that swaddles my body, or I’ll slip a vintage skirt over the ensemble. Here are 21 looks.

While you may not feel inspired to dress up these days, I get it, and that’s where a uniform makes it easy peasy. I’ll see clients (virtually, of course), take a ballet class, handle things around the house, jump on a Zoom meeting, and sit fireside to binge Mrs. America—all without changing.

Sure I’ll add a neck scarf, red lips, and eye makeup for videos, but otherwise I’m all set. Every. Day.

What would make your dress-up easier during these times? What’s the story you’re telling even with no audience? Bisous. x

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Every Day is Earth Day

TranquiliT is more than an eco-friendly clothing company.

We are a small, socially conscious business that strives to make the world a better place by:

  1. Making versatile designs in eco-friendly fabrics—organic bamboo and organic cotton.
  2. Sewing locally in small batches.
  3. Donating a percentage of proceeds to Pigs & Pugs Project.
  4. Planting 150 trees monthly.
  5. Designing an 11-piece capsule wardrobe to help make getting ready easy.

Coming: Dog chew toys from scrap fabric.
Package wraps using scrap fabric.

Wishing you a beautiful Earth Day.🌏 Thanks for your support! x

Face Masks by Mama Wilson

Considering the updated recommendation from the CDC to wear face masks in public, I asked Mom to make me a leopard-print one (shown in photo).

She’s also making damask ones and each comes with a muslin backing (shown below).

We’re offering these on TranquiliT in case you’re interested in a triple-layered, one-of-a-kind face mask that supports an Oklahoma seamstress and Pigs & Pugs Project.

Let’s stay safe (in style). Bisous. x

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Your Vote Matters/Giveaway

Happy rainy Thursday from DC! Thanks SO much for all of your input on the writing project I’m working on. Your emails and comments have meant SO much as your opinion means the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

In other news, I’ve alluded to some changes coming down the pike with my locally-sewn, eco-friendly clothing line, TranquiliT. One part it is a new look and I’d LOVE your feedback on this project, too!

1. Which of the top logos do you like? See above, #1-5

2. Which of the script fonts do you like best? See below, #1-3

Also, as a token of appreciation, one lucky responder will win a leopard-print scarf.

To enter to win, please share your vote for the logo and script number the comments below or send me an email by Sunday, February 9 at 11:59 pm ET. The winner will be announced here and on Instagram Monday.

Thanks HEAPS for your input! Your feedback means the world. Bisous. x

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Over the Knee Socks Love

Each morning I reach for the same two pieces: 2in1 fitted TranquiliT top (I must have eight) and TranquiliT capri leggings (probably sixish of these).

My days consist of dog walking (one to two hours’ worth), a movement class (yoga, ballet, or barre), sitting with therapy clients, or working from home. To dress for such varied activities, I LIVE in my “uniform.”

DC weather has been nearly 70 some days and in the 20s others, so I add lots of layers to my uniform, as needed. Yet my base coat, so to speak, is only those two staples year-round.

For the warmer winter days, I’m donning over the knee socks to slip into pink clog sandals at the office. This turns a basic black ensemble designed for yoga class into a dressed up look with the addition of a thrifted vintage skirt (as shown above).

Considering we’re estimated to wear only 20% of what’s in our closet (whhhaaattt???) and our decision making gets fatigued as the day goes on, why not make the morning as smooth as possible?!

Think capsule wardrobe—those staples that will easily mix and match and dress up or down. Check out p. 84 in Year of Tranquility for a step-by-step guide on creating your own.

In the interim, maybe a pair of over the knee socks is just what you need to take that yoga outfit into a creative work environment?! Bisous. x

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3 New Videos

Bonjour from Paris! Before I head to the airport, I wanted to share these three videos I recorded last week before leaving for the City of Light.

Tea with Kimberly: My Carry-On Must-Haves

See everything stuffed inside my Matt & Nat bag. It’s like a clown car where more keep popping out.

Meet the six new TranquiliT designs [starring Belle Starr the pug]

Sweet Belle looks on as I share the new TranquiliT fall collection, highlight the features, and reveal the fabrics.

A peek inside the Tranquility du Jour Daybook

The latest Daybook is filled with new (and formerly loved) features. Learn more about it in this brief video.

I hope these are useful and wish you a beautiful day ahead. Thanks for joining me on my Parisian adventures. Bisous. x



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☕️ Bonjour from Paris

Over the past four days, I’ve . . . practiced flâneurie for 30 miles, spent two fun days with Tim’s cousin, browsed books at Shakespeare & Company, savored the views at Jardin de Luxembourg, ridden a carousel, visited a haunted house, taken a 3-hour sketching class, enjoyed an afternoon with friends, walked the 270 steps up to Sacre Coeur, toured the Palais Garnier, eaten lots of pizza sans cheese, sipped green juice and rose lattes at Wild & the Moon, consumed many pots of thé vert à la menthe, and listened to live jazz for SIX hours at 38Riv. ?

Paris is one BIG Artist Date filled with overwhelming sensory delights. Taking it all in with so much gratitude and have one full day to go. You’ll find a peek into the journey below and over on Instagram.

Sending so much love from the City of Light. x

P.S. Have you cast your vote yet for our France 2020 retreat?

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Fall TranquiliT Sneak Peek


On Friday we transformed my tiny home into a photo studio to shoot the latest TranquiliT collection. We push all the furniture to the side, set up a huge white backdrop, organize all the designs and layers on a rack, set out an assortment of shoes, wrangle the pets, and voilà, we’re ready to go!

My photographer always sends me a few favorites while editing the hundreds of photos shot, so this assortment is only a sampling of what’s to come.

This season features SIX new designs and 16 colors!  The new pieces are:

1. a fleece sweatshirt with thumbholes (see bottom pic). ADORABLE with the mini mesh skirt, too.

2. a jumper that’s to die for (sixth photo down). So cozy and chic!

3. a duster wrap (not shown). I wore this ALL over Italy. It’s a must-have.

4. the crop pant (directly above in pewter). We’ve had this pant available all summer and will now be able to update with pretty white background shots.

5. the trés tunic (two below from here). The smaller version of the trés maxi.

6. leopard-print scarf. Obsessed with this!

More photos and the entire collection will soon be available at TranquiliT.com.

As always, we’re locally-sewn using eco-friendly fabrics (except the leopard-print scarf, but we’re looking into options) and made to order. Thanks for your support of this 17-year-old passion project! Bisous. x


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Transforming the Maxi Skirt


TranquiliT aficionado, Barbara, shared these photos of her transforming the maxi skirt into a wrap, hoodie, neck warmer, and cape. Genius, no? The ballet color is stunning on her.

I’m often blown away by your creativity in curating outfits from a few staples. Ah, the beauty of capsule dressing!

Challenge: try a new way to wear a favorite piece. Turn a short skirt into a capelet or a long skirt into a dress, turn a wrap dress around, or add a flowy pant under a slip dress.

Next week is our fall photo shoot and I can’t wait to share the four new designs with you! Here’s a hint: jumper, duster wrap, crop pant, fleece sweatshirt. I met with my seamstress yesterday and shared a sneak peek over here.

More peeks to come. Looking forward to transitioning into more and more layers with cooler temps, tall boots, and hot cocoa. Happy weekend to you! Bisous. x


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Tranquility du Jour #464: Summer Style

In this week’s edition of Tranquility du Jour, I share summer style tips, a packing list, and ideas to help you transition into fall with the same summer wardrobe.

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Tranquility du Jour #464: Summer Style


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